My most recent teaching experience includes courses at the University of San Francisco, UC San Diego and California State University San Marcos.

I have taught four classes in applied ethics (data ethics engineering ethics and bioethics), one class in critical thinking, four classes in the history of political thought, and one class in qualitative methods.

*(u) Undergraduate / (g) Graduate

  • Applied (Data) Ethics Classes
    • Intro to Data Ethics”, Spring, 2021 (u) University of San Francisco
    • “Texts in Applied Ethics – The Ethics of Human Cloning,” Spring 2012 (u) Saint Paul U
    • “Applied Ethics for Engineers,” 2009-2013 (u) Laval U
    • “Ethics and Healthcare,” Spring 2015 (g) Saint-Paul U

  • Political Theory and Critical Thinking Classes
    • “Religion and Politics,” Spring 2020 (u) UC San Diego
    • “Ancient and Medieval Political Theory,” Fall 2018, (u) Spring 2020, UC San Diego
    • “Politics, Power, Violence,” Spring 2015 (u) Saint-Paul
    • “The Art of Living – Life as a Work of Art,” Spring 2012 (u) Saint-Paul U
    • “Critical Thinking,” Fall 2018 (u) Cal State San Marcos

  • Qualitative Methods Class
    • “Tools and Methods in the Study of Religion,” Spring 2018 (u) UC San Diego